Vlearn Order Confirmation

Thank You

Thank you for your order for vlearn on a 30 day Trial Period basis. We hope you enjoy exploring vlearn and look forward to your feedback!

Should you wish to continue using vlearn after this period, no separate sign-up is required. You will automatically have access by way of a Licence granted for a 12 month Licence Period commencing the day following the end the 30day Trial Period. We will issue an invoice for the Licence Period for access to/use of vlearn and based on the licence type and number of users (as set out on our Pricing page and/or confirmed separately with you in writing).

Should you no longer wish to continue using vlearn after the Trial Period, before the end of the 30 day period, dropus a line at vlearnsupport@vatglobal.com.

What next?

1. Each individual user will receive log-in information per the details provided. 
2. If not received within 24 hours, and not caught in a spam folder, please contact us (vlearnsupport@vatglobal.com)