Certain VAT concepts can be quite complex and difficult to understand for example, what is reverse charge and domestic reverse charge? Additionally, VAT compliance information and applicable rules can be hard to find and often overwhelming.

vlearn is a VAT compliance content platform that presents VAT content in an accessible, simple and understandable manner - currently covering the EU region.

vlearn will give you a basis for understanding and finding information on any VAT topic that are relevant to you and your business.

vlearn will also provide you with straightforward explanations and practical examples of how the VAT regulations apply and work in practice using actual visual business examples, and reference to relevant case law.

Pricing Schedule (per annum, exclusive of VAT)

1 – 3 users   £3,000
4 – 6 users  £4,800
7 – 10 users


> 10 users  Contact us


* Pre-existing vatglobal & VAT IT clients receive an additional 10% discount