Free Access to Web-based Compliance Portal

As a VAT technology company, we want to ensure that the VAT compliance process is as automated as possible.

Our secure web-based portal provides the ideal platform for online sellers to be able to share sales information, have access to all filed reports and important document and obtain a real-time status update or overview of their VAT accounts.

The portal includes the following features:

• Automatic calendar alerts for key deadlines
• Intelligent task automation
• Drag-and-drop upload functionality to share files
• Interactive description of all processes
• Real-time reporting and status updates

In addition to the web portal, VATGlobal utilises proprietary VAT Compliance software to ensure the VAT returns can be filed at the click of a button, so there is no delay or chance of human error. The system performs various compliance checks on your sales data to ensure accuracy of all information reported.

For an even more seamless solution, VATGlobal can develop client-specific API’s to extract your sales data from your account system or other available sources (e.g. Amazon seller portal) so that the entire VAT compliance process is systematized. However, your dedicated account manager is on hand to provide personal support and attention to supplement the technology.