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New legislation means that e-commerce platforms (like Amazon and ebay) will not let you sell across Europe unless you are registered for VAT where applicable.  For Amazon FBA, this means wherever you use  their Fulfilment Centres. Therefore, if you want to sign up to sell on Amazon’s prime service, you will need to register for VAT in multiple countries.

The registration process is not simple and being VAT registered comes with various obligations; it is important to understand them before proceeding

Compliance Obligations - High Level

Being VAT compliant requires 5 key steps:

  • Obtain a VAT number & VIES registration in all countries
  • Charge the relevant VAT on all your sales
  • Pay the VAT you charge over to the tax authorities
  • Comply with the local tax legislation
  • File regular VAT returns

Dedicated Account Manager

The VAT landscape in Europe and across the world is very daunting. The legislation differs between countries (even within the EU) and so do the compliance requirements.

Once you are VAT registered, the VAT compliance rules will have a significant impact on the commercial and operational aspects of your business, including your invoicing process and selling prices

It is therefore essential that you have the support of someone who is familiar with the laws and ideally has local language skills and knowledge to be able to give you practical and technical advice and support you as your business expands into multiple territories.

VATGlobal’s e-commerce solution offers a single, dedicated account manager who offers day-to-day support in all these areas, for all the countries where you are registered.

Your account manager will have client service experience and technical VAT knowledge.

Their job is to understand all facets of your online business and offer the below support:

• Initial ‘on-boarding’ of your business to explain the detailed commercial and operational impact being VAT registered will have
• Detailed technical guidance on VAT treatment of all your sales and purchases
• Advice on invoicing procedures, returned goods, exchange rates and pricing
• Be available by telephone and email to provide ongoing support on all compliance related issues

Why use VATGlobal instead of other VAT Agents

There are several other companies who offer VAT services, but it is important to understand what that service includes and what gaps you will need to fill on your own or by using another agent.

*Not all competitors will offer this, it will be up to the seller to prepare and submit the VAT registrations